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Everyone can do a lot to help.
Even the most simple things can make a big difference.

Start with what you're best at or by making simple changes in your daily life.


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Bringing Your Own water bottle, coffee/tea cup, glass, metal straw, food container, and any other kind of container that may reduce your use of single use is not only simple, but more hygienic and even trendier!


A simple habit to build is to always ask for No Plastic Please. Many restaurants and shops give single-use plastic to customers without even asking, but we can educate them to reduce by saying

  • I don't need a bag
  • No plastic straw, please


Shopping No Plastic is usually better for our wellbeing as well as for the planet, and sometimes is even cheaper! Besides, it can be delivered straight to our home!

And here are some stylish tips:

BIOME Australian shop with lots of amazing products with no-plastic packaging and ethical sourcing

The Sustainable Tomorrow The amazon of wiser consumers!

Who gives a crap Even toilet paper usually comes in plastic!!! Well, not always... Besides being plastic free, this ethical toilet paper is a 100% recycled, helping us reduce deforestation.

Shop naturally Fancy plastic-free options for your home and kitchen.

Go totally Package Free With all your health, beauty, living and more.

Shipping to Australia and New Zealand Here and There Makers

Does that number mean the times it's been recycled? No?... whoops!

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Well, plastic producers and governments haven't done a great job so far on educating us about the real meaning of those triangles and numbers in some of the daily plastics we consume, and they indeed look like recycling icons! Check out what each number really means to understand what can be send to recycling in your community.

Recycling the stubborn

We know it's hard to switch to non-plastic products for absolutely everything, for those small exceptions and for all the stuff you have collected at home, give Terracycle a go!

In the U.S. and France. Soon United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

You can also shop the Terracycle way their smart program:


And remember that less than 10% of plastic is actually recycled!

so the best option is to when possible.

It doesn't need to be mine to pick it up

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All over the world there are many amazing people like you helping big deal to clean our oceans. From high-budget ideas like The Ocean Cleanup, to people from all over the world showing how much they care through #trashtag and The Celanup Challenge.

Recovering plastic debris from the environment is super easy and extremely important, and it can be fun and rewarding. You can join one of many groups and organisation around the world that organise clean-ups where you'll meet like minded people and enjoy time outdoors.

Here are some of them:
World Clean Up Day Clean up Australia Let's do it world Cleaning Station Systems by Ocean Crusaders