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take a pick on how much plastic is in your phone or tablet? About 40% is plastic, and usually non-recycled.

We probably can't live a normal life without our devices these days, but besides giving them a very long life, we can also consider other more ethical options, like the fairphone.

Let's save the ocean cuties and our world


Plastic pollution has reached and affected about every species in the ocean!

We hope we are not too late to inform ourselves and find solutions to preserve our oceans, which in fact, will help preserve our own species.

Plastic pollution has been around only since the 1950s, it has been incredibly useful for many human needs, mostly for it's quality of long-lasting. But that exact quality has made it the most dangerous material for biodiversity when it comes to public waste. Here we put together data from the latest research to help everyone of us see the reality of the problem and also to start being part of the solution, at whatever scale suits your personal lifestyle.

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Besides causing a lot of pain and death to marine species, plastic pollutants are now about everywhere in our planet, carrying many health risks to people as well. Data based on research at urban locations, specifically intercity bus terminal.

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