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Data sources

We have explored many data sources to develop this project, from news articles to research papers from a wide variety of organisations and institutions. While many have inspired pieces of this project, only a bunch have been used to extract data. We still want to share some sources that we consider relevant even if we haven't used all of them. As we plan to keep updating this site, we hope to be able to use more of those and new data as it becomes available.

During our initial research, we were surprised by the great amount of sources related to plastic pollution available online (many of them with free access) and their importance on creating awareness. The plastic crisis is so complex though, that we found it very difficult to find valid, free and open data sources about some important issues like worldwide recycling and consumption. Only a handful of countries have been collecting the data for several years and/or sharing it openly. We believe that creating more awareness will also help to get more countries committed to gather their data and adopt effective policies, so we hope this site does its part on it.

Visualize this site with critical eyes

Research takes place in different ocean locations, and data therefore can vary massively. Many countries are missing data in plastic consumption, recycling, and release of debris. Regardless of this, every single research article we explored was shocking news in the saddest way and therefore we decided to design a collection of relevant information and data visualisations that could be accessible to the modern consumer and that can be updated as new data is available.

It was also very important for us to not only show shockingly sad data, but to offer solutions, and specifically simple tips that everyone can take action with from about any corner of the world. This is something we'll update constantly hopefully in a crowdsourcing style as more people get involved. Check out our I choose planet page to see how you and everyone can make a difference.

But most importantly, every data visualisation (also outside this site) is an interpretation. So please do read through these and other sources, be objective, and do communicate any error or misleading information that you notice.

List of data sources

Inspiration sources